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I father who has also gotten on the Functional Medicine train.

He’s been encouraging me to go for years and earlier this year I finally decided to give it a try. Stephanie Daniel at Functional Medicine SF and decided to invest in my mental health and overall well-being.

I’m not exactly sure yet what that phase looks like, but I’ll keep you posted!

After that, I’ll be adding back in some of the foods I’ve taken out to see how they affect me.

They tend to believe, based on science, that the gut is responsible for a lot of our health issues, even depression & anxiety.

Functional Medicine is becoming more and more popular and there’s a reason for it! Here’s a great article that digs into the topic a bit deeper if you’re interested!

All future blogposts will be on Asian or on the ABCsof Attraction Official Blog.

Thank you to all my readers and I hope you'll continue to be loyal fans as I embark on the next phase of my journey in bringing social change and dating equality to Asians everywhere as the #1 Asian Pick Up Artist in the World!

I was so close to bailing on our first date because I thought he wasn't my 'type.' I'm so glad I decided to go. There's no one else I'd rather lay in bed with all day and watch Disney movies, MTV reality shows, and superhero flicks.

The first phase of my Functional Medicine experience was taking lots of tests so my doctor could see where my body was at.

We also had a lonnggg conversation where she asked me everything from what I eat on a daily basis to whether I’ve lived in apartments that could have exposed me to mold.

Functional Medicine Doctors look at your entire body and lifestyle to get a better understanding of your health as a whole.

They also rely on natural remedies, like food, supplements & lifestyle changes, to improve your health.

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