1950s dating customs

And so for every awkward first date, there was a better option a swipe away.

There's no reason to pick one when you can pick everyone.

Having nowhere to be, I sat on a footstool and leafed through the antiquated guides for hours.

Among the many things I found shocking, was the no-nonsense attitude towards dating.

Within two days, Beverly had over 100 matches and close to 100 messages. OK, don't give out your father's phone number unless it's someone you're serious about.

And definitely don't give out a fake number because no number is fake, and sorry to whoever's phone number I gave out, you received more than a few calls this weekend from potential suitors looking for some paternal approval.

When I told people I was on Tinder looking for long-term commitment, I was met with more "lols" than "me too"s.

When you're navigating these sites as a heterosexual woman, you notice that most men don't believe the fact that they're using a dating site means that they're advertising themselves as someone looking for dating.

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I was surprised by the amount of men who were looking for a special some ONE. More men than I had anticipated were happy to speak with someone with clear objectives.

While the modern man typically is not on an exclusive hunt for a woman with a major in baking and a minor in chores, he still seems to be attracted to the level of care a woman like that can give.

Then again, there's no quicker way to anyone's heart than pie.

The man and the woman usually were members of the same community, and the courting usually was done in the woman’s home in the presence (and under the watchful eye) of her family, most often Mom and brothers.

However, between the late 1800s and the first few decades of the 1900s the new system of “dating” added new stages to courtship.

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