28 19 dating

The pair shared a kiss before Nathan decided he wasn't interested.

Nathan, 28, is no stranger to reality TV thanks to his long stint on MTV's Geordie Shore.

In an earlier date, Lee was no more lucky as he tried to crack on with a Rihanna lookalike by attempting a Bajan accent - and got pied.

Ex-East Enders actor Lee's love life has often hit the headlines.

On being given the news a stunned Lauren replied: "Excuse me... Speaking earlier this year, she said: "I'm single. I'd give it all up for a family and security but I am so scared of falling in love again.

Love Island star Megan, 25, was looking for romance after her messy break up with Wes Nelson.

Throughout the date, he talked over Chiara, accused her of fancying a waiter and also blamed his ex Dani Dyer - who he won Love Island 2018 with - for their split.

Fans were also less than impressed with Jack's behaviour during an earlier date, when Jack announced: "I'm tired now, I've had enough today.

The show aired Sunday to Thursdays until August 29, 2019.

After the success of series six, agents Paul Carrick Brunson and love guru Anna Williamson returned to work their magic once again.

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