4chan dating sim

The developers did post an update stating that they recognize the audio quality was bad, and that they plan on recording everything professionally.

Conclusion: The fact that the video is presented by someone in a costume is strange, especially since Dark Skyes isn’t purported to be an artistic breakthrough, it’s a dating sim.

Considering that 4Chan was able to make an inclusive game without offending a mass number of people, it’s worth trying out at least once.

Also, the selection menu to make choices doesn’t pop up very often.This makes the game more of an interactive graphic novel than a dating simulator, with some of the choices allowing you more freedom and some of the choices set in stone.However, I was happy to see that the game doesn’t just revolve around dating.Since then, a number of translated versions have been released in languages such as French and German.Every so often, the player is given a selection of choices to further progress the story.

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