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CAU requires an installation of the Failover Clustering feature and the Failover Clustering Tools.

The Failover Clustering Tools include the CAU tools (clusterawareupdating.dll), the Failover Clustering cmdlets, and other components needed for CAU operations.

To use CAU, install the Failover Clustering feature in Windows Server and create a failover cluster.

The components that support CAU functionality are automatically installed on each cluster node.

CAU can be used on all editions of Windows Server, including Server Core installations.

For detailed requirements information, see Cluster-Aware Updating requirements and best practices.

By default, Power Shell is installed and enabled for remoting.

The following are general requirements for a failover cluster to support updates by using CAU.

Additional configuration requirements for remote management on the nodes are listed in Configure the nodes for remote management later in this topic.

For steps to install the Failover Clustering feature, see Installing the Failover Clustering Feature and Tools.

The exact installation requirements for the Failover Clustering Tools depend on whether CAU coordinates updates as a clustered role on the failover cluster (by using self-updating mode) or from a remote computer.

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