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Values over 20 indicate that it is likely more affordable to rent.

Values under 15 indicate that it is likely more affordable to buy.

For these reasons, differences in the gender pay shown here may be more likely to show the gender ideals in an area than the discriminatory practices.

To classify as unemployed, people must not be in the military and must be actively looking for work (also known as the U3 measure of unemployment which is the official unemployment rate).

They are similar to legal entities in that they are a concentrated population identifiable by a name.

Neither cross state lines, but may extend across county lines. The price to rent ratio compares home values to rental costs.

Higher values indicate that one income group is much more common than others.

As you're probably excited to find a fling and other adult friends, get started today on our get it on site.When comparing to monthly rental costs, be careful to also look at the median number of bedrooms.Owner occupied homes generally include more bedrooms than rentals.Much of that difference is likely due to the number of hours worked (see the Full Time vs Part Time Work chart), occupations chosen (see the Employed by Occupation chart), education, and job experience.Adjusting for each of those factors to see what women with similar qualifications and jobs make compared to men is difficult, but the adjusted pay gap would be more likely to show the difference due to discrimination, difference in ability, or willingness to negotiate pay.

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