Advice for dating musicians

We've only got one mild little issue that gets a little annoying sometimes. Her English is just fine, but when shes emotional or getting really animated about something shes got a habit of slipping into speaking French without seeming to notice.

She told me she asked me to pick some up from a place in town we both like right before I left.

if my sister tells someone what happened I could go to jail for seeing her private part. School starts Tuesday, if my sis tells her teacher or friend what happened, what if she says I touched her or something or spread rumors about me? I just tried minutes ago to ask my parents if I can have my own separate bed to sleep in but they said no, there's no space :(TL; DR Do I tell our parents my sister started her period, meaning I would break a promise I made?

When does it become bad to be sharing a bed and bedroom with my sister?

Despite owning a startup company, I make sure I am home by 430pm every day to help with the kids. Being a present father to my girls is extremely important to me.

Hell I can’t even remember the last time I saw any of my friends that don’t also have kids.

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