Aimee teegarden dating thomas mcdonell

Later on, you can catch the dark-haired hottie as a young Barnabas Collins in the spooky Tim Burton film based on the classic TV show Dark Shadows.

We cornered this hunk exclusively in a classroom at the L. middle school where Prom was shot to ask about his role, his music (Thomas’ band wrote and performs a song for the movie soundtrack) and his hopes for the future. Jesse is described as a teen caught in an adult life because of his family responsibilities.

An actor in film and television from the age of 14, she recently spent five very big years of her young life living in Austin while filming the critically beloved NBC series , currently airing its fifth and final season.

Talking with Teegarden feels like chatting with the button-cute president of the FBLA: she is bright, quick, and upbeat. The well-spoken NYU-trained actor, 24, got his first film role when he auditioned “as an experiment” for a small role in the Jackie Chan movie promotional blitz.

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AT: For me, it was finding what sets this character apart from any other part I’ve played or any character I’ve seen growing up.

” And I’d say, “Yeah,” or, “Whatever.” [smirks] Disney’s not all bad. [Teegarden has a key role in the film’s opening sequence]TM: Is it true that nobody dies?

AT: I was at the premiere the other night, and it was just crazy.

On entering the classroom, we get a hug (we met Thomas at an earlier set visit). Were you pretty carefree as a teen or did you have to help at home in some way?

Aimee Teegarden and Thomas Mc Donell are a bit of an odd couple.

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