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Even the movement’s own adherents have grown frustrated.

Things aren’t going much better for Wrong Think, which went online in late 2016 with aspirations of becoming a free-speech alternative to Facebook and Twitter.

A year later, Wrong Think has only about 7,000 registered members, according to the site’s founder, who goes by the username Bane Biddix.

One Gab user, who claimed to be using the site while temporarily suspended from Twitter, complained in a public post about the site’s technical inferiority.“I’m an investor in Gab,” wrote the user, who goes by the username @Anew Thomas Paine.

“I believe in the idea, but I’m disappointed in the platform.” In another message, he wrote: “I barely use it as there are few active users, and few essential features even after a year.”Gab, which claims to have more than 300,000 registered users, was supposed to be an alt-tech success story.

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