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This person, Frank Weltner, is a fraud - NOT an authority.He is 'preaching' under the guise of being educated.Let them scurry back to the depths of hell where they belong.This is a disgraceful site crossing the line to a world of untruths and virulent anti-Semitism.Having an anti Semite site to come up at all, let alone as one of the first web sites to appear on a search in one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, search engines on the Internet just encourages racism. We contol your neighborhoods, just remember this...... If these people that hate us so much would just take the time to sit down and write a list of reasons for why they hate us, it just wouldn't make sense. anti-semitism and naziism have absolutely no right to exist in this world.I'm a jewish male who just loves to make money off of stupid goys. Pull the plug and take away the light that shineson these roaches.This type of hatred should not be propagated and will not be site is so full of hatred, I believe in truth not spreading racial or religion based hate ,do not call the # on this site(might be a misprint,full of themselves, and not too nice)my expierence only .Only God has the place to judge any of us on judgement day It is a a very poor reflection on Google to give any kind of weight to a hate organization.

Google search is widely used, used very often & well liked, you should do a little more to remove any sites that sell hate, especially those who claim that their 'hate' is not hate - such as the above noted site. I truely belive that in these times of suprisingly massive racism manifestation all around our globe aimed againsed almost everyone holding an opinion or adapting a religion, google as a web-giant should act appropriately. I don't care how much money Jewwatch paid them, they shjould not have taken the offer.

You are just as culpable as the rest of us Frank Weltner, and you too Google.

I don't think it should be banned, but it should NOT be in the first page.

Gentile Mutilation Mensch Health Uncle Semite Shitler's List Fourth July Wej Issue Misraelbe Newsbeak Mein Kamp Hollow Cost Sticker Schlock If you arrived at this page directly and are perplexed, please visit Uncle Semite for an introduction.

This site is filled with bogus information that could be dismissed as the ravings of a lunatic were it not getting so many hits.

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