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Pregnantish has a section dedicated to LGBT couples.

This section includes interviews, advice articles, and practical information to support lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender individuals and couples undergoing fertility treatments.

Andrea co-wrote “It’s Okay to Sleep With Him on the First Date” with Jeff Wilser in July 2013 to encourage readers to trust their own instincts in the dating scene.

A happy heart was her first identifier, and it has remained part of her identity as an adult.These tricky issues don’t get talked about much in the mainstream media, and Andrea hopes shedding a light on them on Pregnantish can help future parents cope and carry on through adversity.“So many people are silently navigating infertility, in vitro fertilization, and egg freezing,” Andrea said.“My goal is to better support people through this experience.” Andrea’s new site is an extension of her work with couples.She has spent her career discussing various roadblocks to intimacy and happiness, and now she is tackling a subject that is close to her heart: infertility.

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