Ashley mike dating

After clearing his mind outside, Jessica comes out and comforts him before Josh follows, apologizing for kicking them out of the lodge in such an abrupt manner.He reminds them to turn on the generator so that the lights outside will turn on and the gate will unlock, as it is dark.He will later find and wear a green army jacket in Chapter 5.

Mike is first seen watching Jessica and Sam argue over their prank on Hannah.

It should be noted Mike may have a fear of misfortune towards his friends or them turning against him or each other.

This is supported by the fact he fears the idea of Emily becoming a Wendigo, considers Chris unreliable after Chris knocks out Josh, expresses disbelief at the idea of Hannah cannibalizing Beth, and is also shown to exhibit a slight martyr complex, declaring that he will keep his friends safe and will risk himself to go to the Wendigos' lair alone, as well as sacrificing his own life to kill the Wendigos if needed.

Mike and Jessica meet up with everyone else inside the lodge and, depending on whether or not Matt saw the embrace between Mike and Emily, a heated argument can start.

If Matt did not see the exchange or does not push the argument too far, Mike then witnesses a quarrel between Emily and Jessica, but in either case, Josh defuses the fight and tells him to check out the guest cabin along with Jessica.

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