Audrina patridge dating corey bohan again

Corey Bohan was snapped with a restraining order which forbids him from going near his wife Audrina Patridge and their daughter Kirra, 3.He should avoid Kirra’s school and Audrina’s house.After 10 years of dating Corey on and off, the reality star is officially single again in time to reunite with stars of The Hills for a reboot of the show that made her famous in 2006. I feel like we did a lot of the hard years on-camera.Speaking to ET about the possibility of a romantic reunion with Brescia, she didn’t exactly rule it out. ‘Even though we weren’t married, that was a really challenging time in our relationship when our friends were trying to tear us apart and being on TV.’ The friend she’s probably referring to is Lauren Conrad, who was famously unhappy when the pair began dating in 2007. The couple is at loggerheads as regards their daughter’s custody.

That’s what the producers/writers of The Hills want!

Just last October they reached a divorce settlement but the terms haven’t been released. She added that it served as a breather from her “dramatic and serious” divorce.

“It takes your mind off what you’re going through and kind of lightens the mood up because, even people going through breakups, sometimes it gets too heavy and dramatic and serious, so it’s nice to have someone to lighten up the mood and be flirty with sometimes,” she said. She added that the door on her and Brescia’s relationship isn’t closed.

There’s always going to be something with us, and on the show, you guys will be on the ride with us, I’ll say that. | John Shearer/Getty Images for She added that she cares about Brescia and that she always will.

“I mean, Justin and I are still hot and cold, so we have our moments.

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