Being an intimidating person

They always have their shield up and feel like they are in enemy territory.We’ve all known people who seem tough on the outside but have a big heart.The point is that human beings go through times when we need emotional comfort from other people.We don’t want them to feel bad for us, we just want them to listen to us and be there without judgment. Many times we aren’t asking for someone else to tell us which path to follow, we just need comfort while we regroup.This moderates their character, but it can destroy gentleness.The worst part is that the battles they fight make them defensive all the time.

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Your words imply that responses are not allowed and won’t be considered. You talk so that others listen to you and you use an authoritative tone.They feel that the more raw and direct the delivery, the truer something is.They assume that saying things with tact is the same as falsifying or disguising the truth.Those with intimidating personalities often don’t realize the effect they have on other people.They know they are good people and they don’t understand why others are frightened of their overly tough expressions or gestures.

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