Benefits of consolidating active directory domains

Not only is there often a lack of trust established between these disparate user stores, it also becomes a challenge to align local IT operations with those managed by the centralized head office IT team.The result is that time-strapped teams often look for help in the wrong places—expensive consultants, complicated migration tools, overpriced security reviews, or hours and hours of invested effort by team members whose time could be better spent elsewhere. Okta provides a central identity management system to integrate users across different organizations.Okta now provides that single point of entry to their apps and has transformed how News Corp onboards newly acquired companies.Using Okta’s Universal Directory as the single source of truth, the company has saved over 1,000 hours each year on synchronizing and consolidating domains after M&A activity.

It can often take weeks (even months) of effort from multiple IT teams to manage these transitions, and risks abound during the process: end users don’t have access to the tools or resources they need; the company’s security posture is at stake when it’s reliant on the security of its weakest link.

It can be a long, drawn-out process before your company can find its feet again to start walking.

But what if we told you that it doesn’t have to be complicated?

For any company, M&As are a huge transition that greatly affects all levels of your team, from your financial department to HR.

As more companies become technology companies, M&As have an even bigger impact on IT, with everything from identity management to your Active Directory infrastructure, to your IT security impacted by huge systemic changes.

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