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Fitness is a big trend at the moment, but it's all about shaping your body.

Yoga is about your inner feelings about yourself." If you read her photo captions, which promote self acceptance and hint at a history of disordered eating, it's hard to mistake Nude Yoga Girl's motives.

If you are currently regretting getting married, don’t blame us. Or blame your partner for pressuring you when all you wanted to do was sleep late on Sundays, eat and drink, but now you’re stuck at Pier 1 Imports looking for the perfect lamp to go with that rug you haven’t purchased yet.

At least now, you can spend hours of the day listing through the dating catalog from which you’ll never be able to shop from. Your wife won’t let you choose the lamp, and she surely won’t let you choose 23-year-old Tiffany who is just three miles away and loves pizza and quiet time.

She hits on pretty intimate topics — particularly for an account that's literally and figuratively faceless.

A lot of dirty snapchat usernames, more than 200, (girls and guys) and growing !

I’ve had a principle in my life for as long as I can remember: do something nice everyday.

Because Instagram users love sexy stuff and yoga, it was only a matter of time before nude yoga pics took off on the platform.

Enter, @Nude_Yoga Girl, an account that manages to be the exact opposite of what you'd expect: tasteful. To relieve that stress and keeping it under control is going to be a very healthy lifetime challenge for me. To help me relieve my stress I do the following: 12.outdoor activities in nature 3.writing down things 4.breathing deeply and just listening to your breath for a few minutes.

Some of these girls are cute, but mostly they’re just brutally honest, hot and horny.

Yep, “hot and horny,” just like those ads on the side of your porn videos tell you.

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