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They stared at me and asked each other "Who is this Bradbury?

" And, swearing, they left, leaving me alone with Bondarchuk...

Predominantly known for writing the iconic dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451 (1953), and his science-fiction and horror-story collections, The Martian Chronicles (1950), The Illustrated Man (1951), and I Sing the Body Electric (1969), Bradbury was one of the most celebrated 20th- and 21st-century American writers.

While most of his best known work is in fantasy fiction, he also wrote in other genres, such as the coming-of-age novel Dandelion Wine (1957) and the fictionalized memoir Green Shadows, White Whale (1992).

In July 1939, Ackerman and his then-girlfriend Morojo gave 19-year-old Bradbury the money to head to New York for the First World Science Fiction Convention in New York City, and funded Bradbury's fanzine, titled Futuria Fantasia.

Bradbury was free to start a career in writing, when owing to his bad eyesight, he was rejected admission into the military during World War II.

He wrote about Tarzan and drew his own Sunday panels.

He listened to the radio show Chandu the Magician, and every night when the show went off the air, he would sit and write the entire script from memory.

Bondarchuk shouted to me; "Ray Bradbury, is that you?They formed a long queue and as Bondarchuk was walking along it he recognized several people: "Oh Mr.Ford, I like your film." He recognized the director, Greta Garbo, and someone else.He often roller-skated through Hollywood in hopes of meeting celebrities.Among the creative and talented people Bradbury met were special-effects pioneer Ray Harryhausen and radio star George Burns.

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