Bradley cooper jennifer garner dating

and became good friends until today, so seeing Garner at Cooper’s home is not really that suspicious.As for Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's alleged romantic relationship, this is also not true.Woman’s Day published a report claiming that the visit was a “secret date.” The story was just fabricated.

While people are busy buzzing about the real score between Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, Jennifer Garner suddenly came into the picture.

The source said that Lady Gaga knew that something is going on between Cooper and Garner and wouldn’t be surprised if he’ll end things with her to be with the quickly debunked these claims.

The site noted that the only thing that was accurate in the said report is that Garner visited Cooper’s home earlier this month.

As to Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Garner forming a romantic relationship?

It is quite hard to believe as the actress was spotted with her boyfriend John Miller just three days after she was seen at the actor’s place.

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