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Have you ever found yourself exasperated after yet another horrific text or aimless swipe right, and wondered if love would be easier if you lived in a different city...

That's why we decided to test the open waters as definitively as we could to see what life on dating apps look like in the U. They quickly abandon fledgling relationships in hopes of leveling up, or refuse exclusivity all together."While neither of the daters is particularly optimistic about the prospects of love in their respective cities, they both can agree there's still a lot of fun to be had.

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didn't deliver on a prompt that should have been followed with dry British humor. The British will just have to stick to being sarcastic at every available opportunity instead. Claire from the US: R.'s blind willingness to spend time with a stranger might be considered cute? This is the least entertaining drunk text of all time. was nice enough to receive this message in a humble manner (unlike others I tried) and he even threw a compliment my way too. Janet from the UK: M.'s response ticked more than a few of my boxes. Then there was some humility before he knocked it out of the park with some humour. Either way, the only two men to give compliments back happen to live in London — so this one goes to them. was cheeky but evasive — he definitely chose a fun way to get out of my question.

Janet from the UK: H., makes a bold move but I can respect it. V.'s answer is also honest, and I take no issue with either.

I really expected his choice of sexually suggestive fruits to segue into a vaguely dirty intro. The Verdict: We're going to go ahead and give this one to the London men but only just — as there were no peach emojis on that side of the pond.

With so many aggressively ambitious types crammed onto one island, and with so many options available at their fingertips, New Yorkers may prefer to keep their options open.

She describes NYC's dating pool as "a dumpster fire or something similarly dramatic.

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