C control validating event

Capture the mousedown event, then see if the click is in the location of one of the controls your allowing it to move to.I think (but could be wrong) the mousedown will happen before your validate. Chris "Alex Bink" Hi, I have a validating event on a textbox in which I want to prevent the user to leave the textbox without entering the right data.

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This is just a brainstorming idea, you'd have to play with it to see if it would work.like I said, read the other link), so you don't have to test for which control has focus in your Validating event handler. It was a little more difficult to understand than I hoped, but my program works now the way I want it to. Moving focus from textbox 1 to textbox 2 or from textbox 2 to textbox 1 should not fire a validating event.But moving out of textbox 1 or textbox 2 to another control should fire the validating event.When creating applications which allow users to input values it's important to check the validity of the entered values.The editors in the Xtra Editors library provide automatic and manual input validation facilities.

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