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Sale's translation of the Qur'an text became the standard English version at that time; and through its dissemination, and that of the Preliminary Discourse, an awareness of the Gospel of Barnabas spread widely in scholarly circles; prompting many fruitless attempts to find the Arabic original to which Sale referred.

However, in his description of the Gospel in the Preliminary Discourse, Sale was relying entirely on second-hand accounts.

According to biblical archaeologist Eric Cline, modern DNA testing may show that today’s Jews and Palestinians, who are locked in a violent conflict of their own, are distant brothers or cousins from that tribe.

The inability to confirm the biblical story of Joshua’s conquest of Jericho may have far greater implications than whether the Bible is an accurate historical document.

A "Gospel according to Barnabas" is mentioned in two early Christian lists of "Apocrypha" works: the Latin text of Decretum Gelasianum attributed to the Apostle Barnabas, amongst the Greek manuscripts in the Baroccian collection in the Bodleian Library; which he speculated might be a quotation from this "lost gospel".

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Then God caused the walls of the city to crumble, and Joshua and his men stormed in, killing everyone except Rahab and her family.An oasis in the desert of the West Bank, Jericho is believed to be the earliest city in the world that was continuously inhabited.At various times, at least 23 civilizations have made Jericho their home.It appears that no one was living in Jericho at the time of Joshua, and no walls existed, either.(Some researchers believe there is evidence for Joshua’s conquest, just at a different time in history.) However, it seems more likely that the Israelites slipped into the sparsely inhabited hill country more gradually as described in the Book of Judges. They can’t reconcile their loving, merciful God with the God who condoned such widespread slaughter. What if the ancient Israelites and the Canaanites of the Bible were once part of the same tribe, which appears to be supported by DNA analysis?

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