Cellvalidating cancel edit

When I reopen it I can see that the chages were not comitted to the database, which is fine.

I noticed that when I click on the checkbox to uncheck it after the e.cancel executed, that click does not change its value, I can both see in the UI that the value did not change before the cellvalidating event is called and in the cellvalidating event itself, when I set a breakpoint after the line that checks and verify the value of CBool(Datagrid1("Cell_2", e. The only way to close the form is to click on the form close cross in the upper right corner of the form.

If I then ckeck the second checbox (cell_2), it gives me the error message but does not return the second checkbox I checked to its unchecked state. Any help appreciated, Bob In a datagridview (vs2005, VB.net) I have two columns that are checkboxes. Its not permissible to have the two selected to true, but they can both be false.

Cancel = True End If End If End Sub Say I checked just one checkbox Cell_1 to start, the code allows the change to be made. I press the sacep key after the e,cancel and the message and I get the same problem. I need to check that only one of the two can be checked.

Its not permissible to have the two selected to true, but they can both be false.

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Perhaps it would be a good idea to post to the MSDN forums because I think some of the MS staff read those and can point you to the solution to this problem - given the similar symptoms I feel really sure the underlying cause must be similar or related, but it doesn't seem obvious to me how to implement the solution in this case. I know how frustrating it can be to have problems like this! I actually found a half-answer by taking the value of the current cell while it is editing and pushing it back to the dataset manually. scid=kb;en-us;833032 Geck0 I think we are going in the right direction! Anyway, I have had this exact problem and am 100% sure that if you look hard enough in the KB you can find the answer. David Edit: This is the page describing the problem / solution: I think common behaviour is so that the user can't leave the cell once validation fails and is forced to correct it before he can leave the cell. But there is a problem in your code, you can't use "Data Grid View[,]. I wrote code in the cellvalidating event as follows.

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