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Or has the wonderful day they have shared in each other's company, caused her to lose perspective temporarily? The way might be open for Harry to go “all the way” with his lovely girlfriend! The advice Dr Rickard-Bell has about such a situation depends on his observations about gender differences, which I’ll come to shortly.

Whilst his view of gender differences is not unusual, his application of them to dating is unusual.

I have written opinions on other websites - and I actually thought I was doing the same again this morning... I have started and re-started writing a book about a topic I am passionate about - how the orthodox gospel of the last 1500 years is not the radical gospel of the Bible or the early church.

but then the screen showed that I had completed Step 1 of making my own blogg! But it appears that this book will be years in the writing.

She also knows that though he is sincere when he says that he sees a great future for them together, informal commitments – not to mention feelings - can quickly change!

This pamphlet considers a fictitious couple, Helen and Harry, and discusses their dating choices on the basis of Rickard-Bells ideas, with a view to helping young adults (and soon-to-be-adults) consider the practicalities and benefits of abstaining from pre-marital sex. Harry occasionally tries to get more physical (i.e.

She knows that some male ‘dating experts’ recommend making exaggerated (or otherwise false) claims of love and commitment in order to “get laid”, but after some months she feels confident that Harry is sincere.

Thankfully, he doesn't believe in telling her she's weird or in making threats to leave her if she doesn't have sex with him.

One weekend, Helen and Harry share a wonderful day trip out, during which they talk and laugh and "buzz" together.

They really seem to be on the same page and able to bring out the best in each other; and they talk about what they want for their lives in a possible long-term future together.

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