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Out of a population of 15 million, the hopelessly war-weary and apathetic Vietnamese can supply only 600,000 troops, and of these, only 100,000 are conbat soldiers.

In spite of this, fully one-third of the Vietnamese army deserts every year.

As Chesly Manly, the veteran reporter for the Chicago Tribune put it (and Manly's credentials as an American nationalist are beyond question): "We could w}.n this war in four months but not in four years, for the simple reason that after, four years of continued warfare there would be nothing left on which to build a nation.

The process of disintegration, political and economic, is beginning; after four more years it would be a very dismal prospect in South Vietnam.

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Department of Justice 7 k^- V,, Federal Bureau of Investigation Washington, D. □ Document(s) were located which originated with, or contained information concerning other Government agency(ies) (OGA). □ referred to the OGA for review and direct response to you. The FBI will correspond with you regarding this information when the consultation is finished.

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