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China can only fulfill its people’s expectations and reduce their worries by continuing its reforms. Out of 40 executive meetings of the State Council held in 2013, 30 have been related to reform. The land was later contracted to the villagers and they could decide how to use it. Our reform will come about as the result of a process. Some government departments will lose power and companies will face pressure, but we will carry out our reform without hesitation.

The Ministry of Agriculture should think about why the people choose to believe journalist Cui Yongyuan’s theory on genetically modified foods rather than those of the agricultural experts.The Chinese government’s policy towards Hong Kong and Macao is consistent and clear-cut.The government will continue to support Hong Kong as a financial, shipping and trading center.What obstacles are there for Chinese companies entering the European market and how will you improve market access to China?Promoting the rights and interests of Chinese companies overseas is part of my job. My message for Chinese companies is: We have given our word about the quality of Chinese equipment. If Europe and China respect each other, then we can solve trade disputes.

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