Common questions on dating sites

It also provides a variety of creative questions you can use whether you are on your first, second or even third date.The reality is that keeping the discussion flowing might be extremely challenging especially if you are nervous or shy. If you are a newbie to online dating, a big mistake you will want to avoid is to answer all “interview” questions frankly with straight forward answers. I am sure that she will respond with something like “I’m just kidding. They are just trying to protect themselves and finding the most efficient way to filter out the dirt. The irony is that if you do play along with the question game directly, you become the dirt that will be filtered out.I will bet my last dime that if you have indeed answered women’s questions with straight forward to-the-point answers, you will never hear from them again. It already so late at his hour.” By agreeing, you have already verified yourself to her that you are a predator waiting for an opportunity to strike. So play it cool and don’t feel an obligation to give women straight answers to their question when it comes to online dating.CAUTION: 3 things to remember before using this list This is something most first daters overlook. [Read: 13 signs your friends are ruining your relationship] #28 Do you have a childhood memory that makes you smile every time you think of it? #32 What do you hate most about meeting someone on a first date?

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ANY answer you give will be a reason to reject you. They are just pretending to be too busy to even read the number beside your user name. By pretending not to even notice your age which is clearly stated, they are framing themselves as the prize. When you give a direct answer, you will only be putting yourself under a category in her mind. But I really don’t want to talk about it after office hours. Here we are looking for the love of our life online… If you say that you are just trying it out, she will think that you are hiding the fact the that you are unable to meet women in the real world. Taking this into account, and if you agree with this opinion, the answer to handling online dating interview questions is blatantly obvious. So here are the 7 most common questions women ask online (in one way or another) and how to answer them. : S This is your chance to bust her balls big time. How much money you make does not matter unless you are already planning for marriage. If a woman is looking for marriage online, it’s your cue to run. If you answer 10, she will think that you are a hardcore player. Please learn the structure of these answers instead of copying word-for-word. If you answer 1, she will think that you are a wanking loser. At the same time, remember that some of the potentials you meet may be shy or may need a few minutes to open up and talk to you.So don’t wonder about why your date isn’t talking unless they’re staring at their watch or frowning.

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