Consolidating back ups

The big advantage is that the current data will be transferred into the longterm storage.

consolidating back ups-21consolidating back ups-57

The always incremental jobs need to be executed during the backup window (usually at night), while the consolidation jobs should be scheduled during the daytime when no backups are executed.

Therefore, the jobtype of the longterm job is updated to “archive”, so that it is not taken as base for then next incrementals and the always incremental job will stand alone. This type have been introduced with the Always Incremental feature.

When used, it automatically trigger the consolidation of incremental jobs that need to be consolidated..

The following configuration extract shows how a client backup is configured for always incremental Backup.

The Backup itself is scheduled every night to run as incremental backup, while the consolidation is scheduled to run every day. The following plot shows what happens if a job is not run for a certain amount of time.

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