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They may be more likely to consider it if you can’t afford payments, have loans in default and no way to return them to good standing — the same factors for exploring bankruptcy.

You wouldn’t need to go to court to settle your student loans, though you may want to hire an attorney.

This guide is designed to help you fully understand how these loans work.

If you just want a quick and easy snapshot, you can visit our Solutions page for Federal Debt Consolidation Loans.

If you’re considering bankruptcy due to excessive student loans, or your loans weren’t discharged via an adversary hearing, consider trying to settle the debt for less than you owe.

It’s entirely the lender’s choice to accept a student loan settlement.

From there, the case will be litigated until the judge determines the outcome.

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To meet this, you generally must have bare-bones expenses and must have done everything in your power to increase your income, without success. Additional circumstances make it very likely that your financial situation will persist for a significant portion of your remaining loan period.However, you likely won’t qualify for student loan bankruptcy discharge if you can afford an attorney, says Michael Fuller, a Portland, Oregon-based consumer attorney who takes on student loan bankruptcy cases pro bono. Your attorney can help determine the type of consumer bankruptcy that’s best for you: Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.If you’ve already filed for bankruptcy but didn’t attempt to have your student loans discharged, you can reopen the case and argue for them to be cleared. File a complaint to begin the adversary proceeding.Consolidating debt is generally done to simplify debt repayment.If you have multiple individual debts to repay it can get complicate to juggle all those bills within your budget.

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