D39link dir 655 validating identity

I've owned the Rev A DIR-655 for years and have loved it, but recently it started acting up.I have a complicated setup saved as a gateway settings file (.gws).Do you have the same security setting, router name, and IP address on the router?The computers have to match the new setting with the router. HOw do I reset the settings of the computers to match the new router? IEEE 802.1X is the standard which defines authentication against a RADIUS server.Use WEP encryption so that your Windows Vista and Windows XP will connect to your wireless network.Remove the referred networks in your computer and connect to your wireless network and that should be fine.Thanks When you install the new DIR-655 router, you didn't copy the security setting from the old router.

If your using Windows XP and doesn't have the WPA patch.we have also changed settings from tpik and aes - no success.we have verified the password several time to make sure and we also tried a friend's laptop running win 2000 OS and it connected perfectly with password.I decided to purchase a new DIR-655 for the ease of importing my settings without having to manually setup again, however, much to my dismay, the new file format for the configuration settings on the Rev B is not but rather I tried changing the file extension to with hopes it might import but no luck.I also found the utility which decrypts the file into and used those values to manually re-enter the settings into the Rev B router, but my port forwarding is not working the same.

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