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A gubernatorial candidate in Georgia has come under fire for a political ad that shows him threatening a daughter’s prospective date with a shotgun. The shotgun-toting conservative dad is a well-worn cliche.

The television station that aired the spot has been fielding complaints and taking heat from commentators. Threatening young men with gun violence is despicable, illegal, and incredibly stupid. As recently as 2008, country singer Rodney Atkins had a chart-topping hit with “Cleaning This Gun (Come On In, Boy)” that featured the refrain “Hey, y’all, run along and have some fun / I’ll see you when you get back / Bet I’ll be up all night / Still cleanin’ this gun.” Atkins, whose first marriage broke up after his wife called the police on him, has two sons.

It's a reaction out of desperation from a concerned parent.

You may not like it, but if you have daughters of your own, odds are you'll feel exactly the same way.

And barring major changes in American gun policy, my boys will live knowing they occupy a country where their lives could end at the end of a barrel.

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Unbeknownst to me, he snuck in some kind of weird hot sauce into my date's drink.One of them came to pick me up for a date wearing ripped jeans.My dad told my date to wait a minute, came back with duct tape and proceeded to tape up my date's jeans.""My dad is an army vet and a pretty tough looking guy (6'5, tattoos, shaved head).He was likely being facetious and, more to the point, being facetious in 2008, back when the urge to protect teen girls felt somehow noble or, barring that, a lot more defensible.None of that can be said of Kemp, who appears to be a doofus.

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