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Many of us rely on a single BSNL site we managed to identify for monitoring the usage.

BSNL sites do not update on a real time basis and is neither dependable as it has a very high downtime due to maintenance and billing activities. 1 BSNL portal, 1 Independent software and 1 BSNL software.

From 1st to 5 th of every month, BSNL sites are totally unreliable as they are used for billing purposes than updating user details. You can also test your speed on the link given above.

If you are a new user, your usage details may not appear for about 2 weeks. If your IP starts with, options other than option 3 may not work for you.

From my personal experience, I can tell you that BSNL may update the usage on 1st of month on 20 th.

I ended up with a huge bill after they did this to me.

Please go to the nearest BSNL customer service center or contact BSNL franchisee. You can log on to and can download the application form. To register your demand- you can send a SMS Keyword DEMAND 3G™ on short code 51503. You can also send e-mail to [email protected] Our representative will contact you thereafter.

It can happen even if you have a very good antivirus.

If data in BSNL website is not up to date, you will get non finalized data credit:-naradhavicharam thegoan thanks As a 17 Year Old Student, The Only Income i rely is my Pocket money.

Please note that the above tools simply retrieve data from BSNL portals.

Another common error is that many believe usage means only download. If we use internet just for browsing, it will cost around 15 MB per hour in your usage stats.

A software from BSNL can help us check the usage without using the portal. BSNL also provides SMS and email alerts when you cross your usage limit. Use this link to register Web Registration for Usage Alerts Option 1 needs a 14 digit Portal ID and password from BSNL. If we exceed our usage, we can find out how much extra should be paid in the next bill. Dataone Tool For users with IP 59Click here to download.

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