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Citizens of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, and Uzbekistan can visit and stay in Ukraine indefinitely visa free.

However, citizens of Moldova and Uzbekistan must hold proof of sufficient funds on arrival.

When it came to Western Ukraine, after 1918, when the old European empires fell after the 1st World War, Ukrainians lost in conflict over this territory with Poles.

As an aftermath, between 19, Poland tried to forcibly Polonize these lands with badly-designed policies, which backfired and brought both hatred from ordinary Ukrainians.

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Western Ukraine Historically has once been part of several European countries (e.g.

Following the results of a referendum in 17 March 1991 which indicated overwhelming popular support (80% in favour of independence), the Ukraine's Parliament declared its Independence Day 24 August 1991.

Initially, there were severe economic difficulties with hyperinflation, and oligarchic rule prevailed in the early years.

Ukraine's population is reducing because of low birth rate, increased mortality (especially among males), low immigration and high emigration.

While this state fell prey to Mongol conquest, from the 14th until the 18th century, the western part of Ukraine became part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

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