Dating a cutter

Cutting entails making small cuts on body parts such as the wrists, arms, legs, stomach, and chest.

Until then, if you are struggling with dating, just think that maybe this means you are unique, you stand out in a crowd, you take risks, and you paint pictures instead of color. Greatness wouldn’t be greatness if it was common and easy to find.

Scratching, as it were, an itch I couldn't see — and I would scratch this itch whenever I was feeling too much — be it sadness, frustration, anxiety depression, guilt or self-loathing — or I just needed a release. It was the eye in my hurricane, the only way I new to quiet my mind and calm the storm.

But perhaps more important than the act itself was the scar it left behind — because then, finally, I had something tangible. After I cut, there was physical proof of the pain I was in, and it brought my invisible illness to life.

Or look at how many types of yoga we offer, how many trends we set, or how many freeways we need! We live outside the norm, we keep our options open, we are always searching for the best opportunities, and we strive for greatness.

Don’t get me wrong, there are A LOT of horrible things about LA and LA people, but we are innovative and we love challenging ourselves.

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