Dating a fender mexican strat

The tone on my American is brighter, the pickups are a bit more responsive- some would say a lot more responsive.

The Mi M has a narrower neck, thinner frets, and stock bridge (I believe the "stock" bridge, is called a "two point" bridge), and the trem bar screws in.

What you see above, is a stock Standard Stratocaster, Made in Mexico, a/k/a .

The Mi Js are supposedly superior to the Mi Ms.*My Strat looks looks like the the one in the picture, but doesn't have the marble finish. I just wanted people to see that the output jack is flush with the body, as opposed to it being recessed.

My American has a "freeflyte" tremelo system with a "snap-in" trem bar; but 1983-1984 were oddball years for Fender, as the company was going through some restructuring.

My American Strat has no access to the trem springs via the back, while your "normal" Strat does.

Right now, I'm having a tough time getting the action lower- I may have to bring it to a professional tech to get it right.

In the meantime, the high action is good for getting my fingering spot-on, and doesn't leave room for getting sloppy. I purchased this on an Ebay auction last week for 0.07 (0.07 s/h.) Prices vary for any used instrument; condition, original parts or lack of them, limited edition models, even color- these are some variables that will impact the value of a used guitar.

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