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So the upshot is, I just don't date as often as I used to because my motivation has to be stronger to even get to that level.” —Adam, 34, Atlanta, GA“First, there are practical and time management challenges.

Second, a lot of people aren’t that interested in a relationship with someone who has kids.

And since I won’t introduce the kids to my boyfriend yet, he's never been to my home. ” —Hannah, 43, Dayton, OH“Sometimes it was finding/affording a babysitter.

Deciding boundaries and sticking to them, especially when your heart is so happy.

I asked a number of my women friends this exact question before I put up a profile and actually got a variety of answers.

But in the end, I felt like it was kind of deceptive to not include it up front.

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For one thing, gum is very hard to get out of your hair, but also because dating as a parent seems incredibly difficult in just about every way that something could be difficult. ) you should introduce partners to your children, and even if there were, there’s no guarantee that following those guidelines will work for your family’s particular situation.

If it seems after a while that it isn't working, then yes.” —Adam, 34, Atlanta, GA“It would definitely be something I would hear my children out about at length. I am not opposed to it in theory, but practically it seems like it would just be a scheduling nightmare.” —Brendon, 36, Providence, RI“I usually gravitate to those who have kids.

They tend to like everyone, so if they didn’t like someone, there’d probably be a good reason. They have a much better understanding that the kids always come first, schedules can be unpredictable and sometimes pretty restrictive.

I can’t dive in head over heels with someone, staring directly into their eyes unblinkingly for three months straight while reveling in the feeling of a new love anymore.

I am on full-time mom duty every other week and the time away from any potential prospects has given me time to look at things a little more honestly and realistically.” —Annie, 30, Moscow, IDWhat are some logistical concerns about dating with kids? It’s difficult being a single mother and getting everything done in my life and doing it well—let alone finding time to regularly make commitments with another person. I don’t have a ton of financial resources, so I struggle to pay for sitters and the clothes and getting my hair done regularly.” —Ivy, 38, Charleston, SC“If a woman I'm dating comes over, it has to be post-bedtime.

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