Dating advice disney princesses

Check your drink/yourself before you wreck yourself.Belle: Abusive relationships are fine and normal In a completely unrealistic storyline (but still, one of my all-time faves), Belle, (despite having a good head on her shoulders), manages to get herself stuck in a castle full of talking silverware and a gruesome beast.You’re a girl, so he obviously knows (we hope) that you have boobs. Guys love a woman’s body, but let him have the opportunity to fall in love with your personality, too.Also, if an evil octopus ever offers to make a deal with you in exchange for you vocals, just say no. Mulan: Be one of the guys (and like everything he likes) Mulan has moxie, tons of it.In fact, come to think of it, our beloved Disney Princesses aren’t necessarily the greatest role models, to say the least — I don’t see a fairy godmother appearing at my doorstep ready to dress me to the nines.So just where are our royal role models steering us wrong?Find out how to make your crush notice you, how ask him out without making it uncomfortable and how to appear jawdropping on whatever date you choose! It’s a tale as old as time: girl meets boy, girl obsesses over boy, and girl does something stupid to chase boy away.

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Ariel: The less you wear, the more likely he’s going to like you I’ll give her some credit because she does land Prince Eric, who’s definitely one of the hotter cartoon princes, but other than that, the undersea princess couldn’t be more desperate for her man’s attention.It’s hard to hide yourself these days, especially with Facebook ready to air out your dirty laundry. Be you, end of story, and the beginning of happily ever after.Not to mention, it’s pretty hard to be happy when you’re not doing the things you love. Just remember: it’s not about forcing him to love everything you love too — relationships are about this funny little thing called balance.Snow (it’s the 21st Century, we’re not calling her by her first and last name, #excessive) is too eager to accept a seemingly harmless gift from an obvious questionable suspect.Just because Prince Charming comes and saves his damsel in distress doesn’t mean the same will happen to you.

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