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The laziness of youth indulging in lackadaisical fun and romance provides languid enjoyment in “A Side, B Side, Seaside” a poetic, low-budget film from Hong Kong.Reminiscent of last year’s Taiwanese hit “Holiday Dreaming” and more distantly Hou Hsiao Hsien’s “The Boys From Fengkuei” (1983), “A Side” looks at matters from the distaff side and successfully captures youthful enthusiasm.Linda was checking out the Awesome Spot Playground at Beyer Park where they need your votes to win.Linda was at The Headwaters Kayak Shop Lodi Boathouse where today they held a Paddle Board Yoga Class and are preparing for Paddle Fest April 21st Cody Marianne and Ken talked with the US and World’s Chess Champion Maurice Ashley with the Saint Louis Chess Club.While occasionally Baby’s episode threatens to develop into a teen “Jules and Jim”, it remains chaste.This is the most beautiful section of the film, with green ocean and clear blue sky represented with alluring clarity.Contrary to the pic’s appellation, the next title card to appear is “Seaside.” This section is dominated by a more mature Hong Kong teen, Baby (Dolphin Chan) who has a friendship with two local boys Fu (Wong Bong Yin) and To (Chan Ming To) who run the Cheung Chau videostore and help out on the island’s fishing boats.Second seg is as relaxed as the schoolgirls of the opening seg are hyper.

The boy offers to provide the B disc of the Kitano movie when Honey returns to the city.For all these stories and more this is #National Chill Out Day #Medical Museum #Walnut Milk #Paddleboard #Chess #Meet Me At The Park #Video Store #Stuffed Animal #Agriculture and More Today in the News SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS: None Good Day Sacramento: 430/5am: Show Us Yours: Champion Show & Tell: Cody shared Beverly Goldberg is downsizing. WDo Vu Q7w8 5am Club Member of the Day: Sarah and Jasmine. rf=111292352266541 Segment Video 6am News Block: 7am: Courtney: Walnut Milk Today on Good Day Sacramento Courtney was with Patty Mastracco from I Do Food learning how to cook with Walnut Milk from Mariani Walnut Milk.She quickly grabs two, and when informed the store offers a discount, blindly grabs a third regular movie straight off the counter.The porn rentals prove to be a turn-off for the teens and so they direct their attention to the third disc, Takeshi Kitano’s 1991 film “A Scene at the Sea.” Unfortunately, the package contains only one of two discs (the A disc).

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