Dating an engine who is lil fizz dating 2016

For your first game I'd suggest using an open source or free program just to get the hang of how to build the dialogue and stuff.

Lister changed their numbering system (again) by introducing a very simple method with which to date any post 1952 A or B engine.The top of the cylinder head has two oval plates, the one on the right has the spark plug in it and the one on left is blank, looks to be a valve inspection covers.the engine is tank cooled and the fuel tank what's left of it mounted on the wooden base, below the carby. Regards Ian Ian Your description makes me think that it is a "J" If it I think that number is correct and it would date late 1923 or 1924 However the spec number doesn't match.A2/B2 = 1952 A3/B3 = 1953 A4/B4 = 1954 A5/B5 = 1955 A6/B6 = 1956 A7/B7 = 1957 A8/B8 = 1958 A9/B9 = 1959 A10/B10 = 1960 A11/B11 = 1961 A12/B12 = 1962 Hoping this info also helps Best wishes, jayvee Hi Just been given a 3hp lister petrol engine, at the moment it is buried deep into the back of a shed.The only info I could get of it given the poor light is HP 3, RPM 450, Engine # 26988 Type was hard to see I think 51B or 51D.

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