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Common issues in relationships include: Whilst there are many reasons why a partnership may be going through a rough patch, with patience, determination and understanding, in general most relationships will be able to get back on track.

But for some, complex issues are difficult to fix, sometimes signalling the end of the relationship, be it intimate or between friends.

Be completely honest with your partner if you expect this in return.

Usually, communication problems are the start of a problem. Whilst they will not tell you what to do, they can encourage you to listen to each other and communicate, something you may have been lacking.

Relationships are perhaps the most important part of our lives, bringing meaning, comfort and happiness.

The same, exhausting emotions come with any relationship problem: the first step is to recognise that every one of us goes through this struggle in our lives, find comfort knowing you are not alone. In some cases, a relationship coach is needed to help and encourage recognising the issue itself, especially if one person doesn’t accept there is a problem.

is usually associated with those in an intimate relationship.

However, the term covers any connection between two or more people: we make different connections with people through all walks of life, whether they’re quick meetings or lifetime associations.

Just remember that ultimately, only you and your partner know exactly what your relationship is like.

It’s your strong connection that brought you together in the first place, and this will help you resolve any issues.

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