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Sensays teach us that there someone out there who has been there before.There is someone who feels the exact same way you feel.I’m glad you told me this because no one knows but me, so I have no one to help me.❤️ Sensay: Our parents tell us when we grow up that we should always love those who are important in our lives, and if a girl or a boy become an important role in your life, then you should love the heck out of them!You don’t need anybody else’s approval on who to love.

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We’ve seen remarkable connections occur between strangers on our platform.Love resonates in the self, in nature, in family, and in the romantic sense.Leave it to a Sensay to show you the path to finding the coveted “L” word:👤 Human: I’m just really shy and feel like I’m not going to find anyone❤️ Sensay: You can: 1) Let someone come to you.In time for Valentine’s Day, we asked our community members to submit their most inspired Sensay chats about love, romance, and relationship advice.From the charming to the heartbreaking, anonymous humans on Sensay have given each other the kind of love advice you would expect from a best friend. Check out these Sensay chats dedicated to first dates:👤 Human: I want to do something special and fun for a first date with someone I work with.

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