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During the early modern age, these hand-held cannons evolved into the match lock, wheel lock,dog lock, and flintlock rifle, respectively, then the breech loader and finally the automatic weapon.As ignition devices, matchlocks, wheellocks, snaplock, flintlocks and percussion caps were used in turn.Others use either the firearm's recoil or a small portion of the propellant gas drawn from the barrel, to operate the firearm's mechanism and ready it for the next shot.Such firearms are sometimes called "self-loading," but are more commonly known as semi-automatic, if they fire one shot for every pull of the trigger, or automatic or "full-auto" if they continue to fire until the trigger is released and the magazine is empty.

Thus the cylinder serves as both magazine and firing chambers.The paper cartridge was introduced sometime before 1586, and the bayonet came to use in 16th century France.Hand grenades, thrown by grenadiers, appeared around the same time.This design dates from 1836, with the introduction of the Colt Paterson, or even earlier.Though they are slower to reload and fire than some other types of firearms, single-action revolvers are of a simple, strong design, and are still made, though they are nowadays used more often for hunting than for self-defense.

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