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Now, they work there – but even after closing the deal, no one ever forgets their first.

Sure, you might smile at that candidate in the lunchroom or give them a perfunctory “hello” as you pass in the hall, but you haven’t even had a real conversation since that offer was verbally accepted.

Well, even old employees can be new talent, and hopefully, they’ve grown – personally and professionally – since the last time you were together. So here’s how I see it: the average in-house recruiter spends 80% of their time on Phase One, 15% of their time on Phase Three, and maybe – if we’re being really generous – maybe 5% of their time on Phase Two.

Hey, you’ve landed the one you were after, and should be able to at least savor that honeymoon period before real life inevitably intervenes.

This mindset is the same one used by recruiters, who manage to ignore the other 59 requisitions they’re working on and the dozens of candidates clogging up their inboxes and ATS in an inordinate display of time, attention and effort to a single suitor.

Instead, I want to talk about something that’s far too often overlooked in this whole courting conversation – and something that’s far more important than simply successful talent attraction, in recruiting or in romance.

I want to talk about what to do once you’ve landed that perfect match.

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