Dating bogs

The experienced hand can not only tell if the wood is sound, but also its dimensions and orientation. The turf cut away then lets the operator raise the timber.Buried trees can also be detected by noting places where fallen snow or frost quickly disappears. Getting a tree out requires a lot of labour with the logs usually rolled out of the bog.It was often used in larger buildings such as churches.

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This is a scientific method of dating based on the analysis of patterns of tree rings also known as tree growth.

This bog oak was retrieved from a bog in East Galway and samples were deemed suitable for testing. Brown of the School of Geography, Archaeology and Palaeocology at Queen's university.

The wood was shredded, beaten until flexible then woven with a “twister” to produce very strong two-ply ropes about 2cm thick. This rope was also used to hold down thatch roofs on houses during winter months. However it tends to decay after long exposure to the air, so traditionally it was used in damp situations, such as for waterworks.

When bog wood is dug out it is sometimes quite soft, but when it dries it becomes as hard as iron.

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