Dating coke trays

Calendars were cut down and used as photo backings.

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These items are sought after by Coca-Cola collectors everywhere, the rarer the better.

Collectors typically are interested in items that were produced from the late 1800s until the 1960s and avoid most newer items.

The general public didn’t take much notice to collecting Coca-Cola until 1971 when a collector/dealer from Texas named Jim Cope pioneered a small softcover yellow book called “Soda Water Advertising.” Soon afterward in the same year, a man named Shelly Goldstein started publishing yellow softcover Coca-Cola price guides with the items in full color.

The following year in 1972, a hard-cover book appeared written by Cecil Munsey called “The Illustrated Guide to the Collectibles of Coca-Cola.” In 1974, the first edition of Allan Petretti’s “Coca-Cola Collectibles Price Guide” came out.

It eventually went through 12 editions, with the last one appearing in 2008.

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