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Nearly a century later, Rock was able to reconstruct life in those communities through the cans they left behind, some recycled into makeshift mugs or nail-perforated strainers.

Cans of Nestle Carnation Evaporated Milk carry a "best before" date, and Nestle doesn’t recommend using the product beyond that date for quality reasons.

These water-extracted milk products, commonly used for cooking and baking, are heat-sterilized and canned for a longer shelf life than regular milk.

Evaporated milk (half the water content removed) and sweetened condensed milk (half of water content removed, then sweetened) have a shelf-life of about 1 year at room temperature.

On each of the typewritten and meticulously illustrated notecards was a distillation of years of research on can production methods, a topic most of his fellow archeologists considered to be, well, rubbish.

What historical value was there in a 25-cent cylinder that once contained KC Baking Powder, or in an Acme Beer empty, or in a misshapen can found at a circa-1900 homestead, so weathered that its use was no longer recognizable?

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