Dating factory net stop being accommodating in relationships

In order words they have been this rodeo and left early. You are frankly just wasting your time using this platform and burning your own domain/branding.

Knowing what I now know I cannot in good faith suggest Dating Factory to anyone!

Darren at advandate did them for free and in just a few minutes.

From the beginning to the end, they took complete care of us and our needs.

” Dating Factory slogan is their claim that, ‘they build your brand, not ours’.

You have to stumble onto that in their most recent terms of service.

Really unless you want an adult dating site in Eastern Europe where advertising is dirt cheap . Navigation / Look and Feel: The sites themselves which you will be creating from their admin screen are easy to use but they look novice and because they are all the same your visitors can tell you are using a non-custom solution. Dating Factory is not a place to build a successful dating site.

The sites that the creator tools help you create look stale and the biggest problem is thousands of novice webmasters spam these sites across all sorts of social media platforms. One would assume such a large company as Dating Factory is that they would operate with honesty and some degree of transparency.

When you start your own dating site on a shared platform (where you don’t control the user-experience or manage the database, there a number of important factors to heavily weigh before making a decision).

So the former investment banker decided to open Sheng Dou Shi’s Shop, a dating service that helps these “leftover women” find true love.

If you are asking me if Dating a good place to build your own dating site I would not just say no I would say, ‘HELL NO! If you are a webmasters and you have operated a dating site on the datingfactory than you know just how simple and easy they make their platform to set up a site. As I shared above this company completely cheated us out of 1.5 years work and investments by not giving us a copy of the members data that we contracted for when we using the platform for our business.

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