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In Alaska, we are known as "GRACEWORKS" We believe that the Bible is God's Word; that people are lost without Christ; and that it is our responsibility to get the Message to people.The Great Commission is not just that people ought to go to church. We have also found that we usually have to serve people and demonstrate love before they are ready to listen to what we have to say.Saya pribadi pernah merasakan indahnya sebuah penantian. Namun dibalik sensasi yang seakan terlihat buruk itu, ada satu sensasi sukacita ketika kita dapat terus berelasi dengan Sang Pengendali kehidupan itu sendiri. Penantian saat itu adalah ketika saya masih mencari kemana sebenarnya Tuhan mau memakai saya. Menanti dalam doa adalah sebuah kegiatan yang memiliki sensasinya tersendiri. Saat menanti dalam doa, ada perasaan bosan karena terlalu lama dijawab, ada waktu dimana kita merasa hanya mengabiskan waktu untuk komat-kamit tanpa ada hasil yang nyata dan masih banyak sensasi lainnya yang kita alami.They don't care what we know until they know that we care.Our primary fields of focus are Alaska and Romania.

I would love to help you or your church to get involved in a volunteer mission project.

Email me at [email protected] or give me a call (907-440-4974).

Oh yes, check out my book, Equipped for Adventure: A Practical Guide to Short-Term Mission Trips.

We are especially pleased that 16 small groups involving 60 people started as a result of our "Grace Works" ministry volunteers this past summer.

Most of these groups are continuing — led by local church leaders, our staff and local missionaries! Most people think of Alaska only as a tourist destination. Welcome to our web site where you can find out more about short-term mission opportunities, our ministry and helpful mission trip resources. Global Partnership Ministries was founded in 1991 to help respond to the newly opened doors in Eastern Europe.

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