Dating in london

Two new matches seem promising: Johnny* and Alfonso*.

They take such different approaches to their first messages. Even though I like Johnny’s approach better, I decide to message Alfonso back first because I feel like he’ll respond much faster.

I let all of my new matches message me first, because truly, I don’t know what to say. I’m happy to see a message from my first match, Greg*, who makes a joke about my bio.

I check his in an attempt to come up with a funny reply, but his bio only briefly mentions that he’s a graphic designer, so I ask him more about his job. I’m ​relieved​ that I don’t have to initiate anything.

Maybe your date from last week finally texted back and wants to get drinks this weekend — but that would mean canceling plans with your pals in Brighton. You probably know all these things already, but in singledom solidarity, we're sharing the very worst, no-good, ridiculously lame things about dating in the Big Smoke.

So, yeah, in a nutshell, dating in London is basically awful. It's another to leave work early and spend 45 minutes on the Jubilee line so you can swap rounds with some potential mate and then endure weeks/months/years of analyzing texts and emails, all while surreptitiously checking Tinder to see if that person's even still active. Read 'em and weep, but have faith — we're all in this together.

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Here are a mix of things, for the younger and the over 40’s daters, that caught our eye for alternative dates and there’s not a dreary Weatherspoons in sight!

After some urging from friends and in the hopes of eventually matching with a royal (dream big, people), I reinstalled the app in the airport as I waited for my flight across the pond. I downloaded the app four days ago, but I haven’t had time to use it yet because orientation has kept me pretty busy.

I whip up a gallery of selfies, and make my bio “Here for educational and entertainment purposes.” It’s not completely untrue.

National Theatre For an evening of intensity and drama (of the stage kind we might add!

), then you should check out David Hare’s psychological thriller ‘The Red Barn’ which will have you on the edge of your seat.

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