Dating in middle age

Do I reply to this or do I ignore it and move on even though my heart is breaking? That was exhausting to read, god knows what it was like to live through.I really need some advice on this one because I am not great at understanding what men mean or want!! Sounds like you are investing a huge amount in not very much - I find it very unlikely you could fall in love after five dates and the rest of it makes you sound like a teenager with very little emotional intelligence.Whas wrong with just meeting people, keep it light, if you both click that is great, if you don't, move on.If you can't do that, I think you need to sort out in your own head why not beforeyou put yourself through this again.He was balding, slim build but I thought he was good looking and cute and had a funny personality. Anyway I dumped him because I began to realise that although he did care for me, he just didn't show it.On the phone or in a text message, he would be open and tell me how much he missed me when we were apart, but in person he was not cold, but reserved and never showed me any affection ie he held my hand constantly but did not so much as kiss me or hug me.The one thing I did find really odd was that he never told me where he lived or invite me to his home.Now I know most people would assume he's married and I did, and I asked him because he wanted to take me out to the countryside in his car and see what happens. I did say yes and I won't lie and say I didn't like the day, because I loved his company and liked him but he suggested a hotel, which again is what married men do but he is not married and I no that because he has that crusty, fussy way about him that lifelong bachelors have when they've never been married.

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Now I'm a tactile girl, I want that sort of attention, not all the time but sometimes.

It was always me kissing him at the beginning and end of our dates.

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