Dating in sligo

The cairn measures 55m in length and 25m wide at the eastern end, where the entrance to the court is located.

Sligo Abbey is a Dominican Friary and was founded in the mid – 13th century by Maurice Fitzgerald. The site contains numerous carvings including Gothic and Renaissance tomb sculpture.

These monuments are also among the country’s oldest, with the oldest pre-dating Newgrange by 700 years.

Archaeologists have recorded over 60 tombs of which 30 are visible.

Sligo translates as “shelly place” and is one of Ireland’s most popular tourist destinations.

It’s known for its great literary connections, prehistoric landmarks and spectacular natural beauty.

The site is situated on a table-top plateau with stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

The castle of Moygara was the principle fortress and dwelling of the O’Gara family.

The castle stands on a slight elevation with great views, particularly to the south.

A kerb of large limestone slabs feature around the base.

Carrowkeel is a Neolithic hilltop passage tomb complex located on the northern plateaus of the Bricklieve Mountains.

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